Do I need to be home when a quote is given?

It’s not necessary that you are, however we would need clear directions as to what you are looking at having done. Once the inspection is complete then contact would be made to discuss the quote in full.

Does it cost to get a quote done?

No, Stump Pro provides FREE, no obligation quotes to all areas of Southern Tasmania.

How do I know if I need council approval to do tree work?

Call to arrange a free quote and then upon inspection you will be informed whether council approval is necessary. But don’t worry; council approval doesn’t often take very long to attain.

Do you do hedge trimming?

Yes, we have fully qualified horticulturists who are very experienced in hedge trimming. If you have any doubts, we could mention some hedges completed so you could take a look for yourself.

Are any trees too tall to work on?

No, we can use a cherry picker if required or we have professional arborists who can climb the trees in order to remove/trim safely.

Can I keep the mulch?

Yes, all mulch can be kept. This can be arranged when the quote takes place. We will unload the mulch in an accessible spot/area.

When I have tree work done, can I keep my wood for firewood?

Yes, this can be arranged when you are provided with a free quote. There is no extra cost to keep the wood. If you need the wood cut up into fire wood size, this too should be discussed when the quote is taking place.

How do you get rid of stumps?

We use a stump grinder to grind the stump just below ground level. Cutting stumps as low to the ground as possible and poisoning them could also be helpful if the stump is inaccessible.

Do you give pensioner discounts?

Yes, all pensioners receive 10% off. Please mention it when you have the free quote conducted.

Payment Options?

Cash, cheque, electronic transfer/direct debit & we now accept credit card over the phone (surcharge applies).